Ross BrownridgeI am very happy with the healthcare here in Mexico. The doctors and equipment are world class. I had a hip replacement not so long ago and even though I could have used IMSS, the local insurance, I feel it is more for the Mexican people and felt guilty using it so I simply paid out of pocket and it sure didn’t break the bank. I am lucky I could do this.

The Lake Chapala Society have recently changed their mandate from their original purpose which was to provide a base for foreigners to socialize and to help them understand mexico and their systems but now they are more focused upon integrating with the local Mexican people. There are ongoing Spanish classes and so many other classes, you name it they’ve got it! Some older folks are very involved in teaching English and Art to community members of all ages. When people worry about security I remind them that there are more murders in Miami than there are in Mexico City but the biases of foreigners is ridiculous. There are so many social things to do here if you want that you could be busy every minute of each day! I am just a happy silly old bugger.