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Retire at Lake Chapala!

The beautiful villages that cluster around Lake Chapala, Mexico, represent the largest community of retirees outside of Florida. Some 40,000 expatriates, mostly Canadian and American, currently live in “Lakeside”. Here, we live life to the fullest and this site is about helping you – and I hope to be part of your decision – make your dream a reality.

I created this site for you and I have attempted to cover most of your concerns – from cost of living, healthcare, safety in our area and so much more! 

I loved what I saw, the houses, the views, the lake, the mountains – just like Hawaii at a fraction of the cost. Oh my goodness! I love the quaintness, the ability to get somewhere in minutes rather than an hour or more, the restaurants, the Mexican people, the culture – how they take care of one another and how they respect their elders.
Deena Murdoch

Judit Rajhathy

Judith Rajhathy, Realtor

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Why Retire at Lake Chapala?

The top 3 reasons to choose lake Chapala for your retirement:

Downtown Chapala

Downtown Chapala

Mexican Tile 1Cost of Living!

One million Americans in Mexico can’t all be wrong – nor can an estimated 500,000 Canadians who live in Mexico, at least part-time. Mexico has a much lower cost of living than Canada or the States and is the nearest country where we are able to live year round yet be able to fly back within a few hours or drive back when the urge arises – to be with our precious families. International Living magazine estimates the overall cost of living to be 30% to 50% less than that of the USA.

The Weather!Mexican tile 2

Lake Chapala was rated by National Geographic as the second best location in the world for its near perfect climate. Having the latitude of Hawaii and the elevation of Denver means this semi-tropical zone averages about 23° Celsius (74° Fahrenheit) year round with almost no humidity. No heating or air conditioning is required with the spring-like temperatures at Lakeside…and you’re never housebound because of extremes of weather.

Jacaranda trees

The beautiful Jacaranda trees

Traditional dancers

Traditional dress on dancers

Mexican Tile 3The Quality of Life!

Mexicans live their lives – enjoying just about every moment.  They love to party, to picnic, to celebrate, to just be.  Lake Chapala is a unique blend of “gringo” and latin cultures – and it is such a gift to be able to be part of this union.  Living in this beautiful area is not just about the weather and cost of living – it is about living life to the fullest. Expats here play volleyball, tennis, golf – they walk, hike, bike, swim, kayak, take yoga classes, dance classes and engage in all kinds of social activities.

Art ParksThe people are so nice here – Mexicans and most ex-pats are friendly – everyone greets you on the street. There is lots to do if you want to and if you choose to be more sedentary and private you can do that too! There are tons of restaurants – all varieties you can think of – mostly excellent and so reasonably priced. Any food you want is available here and at a fraction of the price at home and is always fresh!

It is so economical to live here – our taxes are next to nothing! We have Vonage, high speed internet, satellite TV – all the amenities of home. We have the best of both worlds here at Lakeside.

Lake Chapala Real Estate
Lake Chapala Real Estate

If you are specifically interested in checking out real estate in our area, please take a look through my listings and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.  I also have access to hundreds more, so if you don’t spot something you love there, come say hello!

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Since I was a kid. I always wanted to own a property in the Chapala Rivera area. After many years of waiting for the right moment to buy, we met Judit. Judit made time to show us all of the homes we could possibly buy. After seeing many homes, we came to a property we liked in the Mirasol community. Judit never put pressure on us to buy; on the other hand, she advised us to make sure we liked the house. The buying process was so smooth. The real estate company she works for is formed of reputable and honest people.

During the buying process, Judit was always available and replied to all our calls on time. She is knowledgeable of the Chapala Rivera area. This is the reason why she is the best real estate agent we will ever have. It is so much fun to hang out with her. At times she made us feel that we knew each other for a long time. As a result she become a good friend of my family.

Judit will always walk the extra mile to help and support her clients.

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