IMG_4240_2I had gone to Europe several times and had picked out five possible retirement destinations. Some guys had worked for me way back when and they happened to know two couples who had moved to Lake Chapala.  I was at a McGill University function and I took down their contact information and began corresponding with them. In fact, I spent a year talking to people online in the Chapala area.

I finally came down in November of 2002 and was fascinated by the Day of the Dead celebrations and rented a place in La Floresta. I never looked back. By April 2003 I had all my papers in order and I was moving! I am happy wherever I am but the ideal climate and the Mexican people, the culture, fascinated me. My sister kept inviting me to visit her in Florida and I would go, especially for Christmas but I found it more expensive, and more complicated – it is so simple here at Lakeside. The area reminds me of old Europe.