JudyMy daughter Judit came to Lake Chapala first and that was about twelve years ago. I started by visiting her for four weeks and then slowly each year my visits became longer and longer to the point where I realised that the more involved I became the more I wanted to live here. I love the weather and the Mexican people. I took Spanish classes as quickly as possible so I could communicate with the local people – even though many of them speak English. I just felt that I wanted to belong more to the culture. Then I began taking dance lessons and soon I was dancing Cumbia, Salsa, Danzon like a local! I feel like a new person here – rejuvenated and so busy I don’t know how I ever had time to work. The Lake Chapala Society is a wealth of information for newcomers and there are so many different activities!

My friends up north that are my age are either dead or dying or in old age homes where the winter months are long and they cannot be mobile. It really is so sad. I think my life has been extended and certainly you cannot beat the quality of life that the Lake Chapala area has to offer. I extend an invitation to all our northern friends to begin a new life in our area – you will not regret it!