Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 6.22.12 AMTo anyone out there wanting to sell or buy a house – there is a Realtor in Ajijic that far surpasses all of her competitors. She is kooky yet smart, funny yet serious, outrageous but on top of everything and everyone in the area. Nothing gets by Judit.¬†She is not just selling you a house but a lifestyle. She looks for what you want in a house not what she has to sell. This makes her unique. She can sell you a house when you did not even know you were going to buy one. Meeting with Judit is a fascinating experience every buyer or seller should have. She will know what you like and sure enough you fall in love with what she shows you.¬†Judit will be my friend for life. I was not looking for a friend, “just a Realtor”, but just like the houses she sells I fell in love with the quirky, efficient, hard working, honest, happy and wonderful person she is.

All of the above makes her the person to get in contact with, you won’t regret it.