Property Management in MexicoI have had many experiences in the past where people would leave their homes to go back to their countries of origin for six months and have their homes on the market. They would ask me to attend to various issues that would arise. As an agent I really do not have time to carry through these requests because my focus is to SELL and not to manage. Nor is it my responsibility. If we are friends then there should be even more respect for my position because I would not do a good job since my focus is not property management – and never will be. How can I sell your home if it is full of dust, if the ground is covered in debris, if your grass is not cut regularly, if the house looks tired and run down due to lack of proper management?

The responsibility for making sure your property is in top notch condition is yours, as the home owner.  As much as you feel that “just one phone call” to a gardener or “just one call” to a maid or “just one call” to ensure these people are paid in your absence is a small task or a ‘favor’ it really takes away from the job I do best – and that is to sell your home and get the best price I can for it. In fact it is not fair to impose this upon me. So please don’t. I am happy to suggest companies that have good reputations for carrying out such duties. Let me stick to what I know. I sure appreciate it!  Looking forward to serving you!  A su ordenes!  Ahh I feel so much better for venting . . . thanks for listening.