Key to a Good RealtorThe most important factor in selecting a good realtor is a reputation of honesty and integrity – a good track record as a person first, a realtor second. These days it is vital to have a strong internet presence so a good website that is easy to navigate and easy to find when doing a search on yahoo or google because most folks search for areas and homes via the net.

It is very helpful to have a realtor who is familiar with the area in which you live and one who knows the local market. Access to MLS (multiple listing service) in any location is vital since it ensures that all the agents who are part of this service will be working at selling your home – along with your own agent.

Giving feedback to you, the home owner, as to how often your house is shown and what the comments are is always helpful. It keeps communication open and at least you know what the status of your property is. For instance, if the feedback from the public is that it is priced too high, it might be time to drop the price. If the feedback is that it doesn’t show well due to clutter or that it needs freshening up and that this is problematic for most potential clients, it would be wise to make these corrections. Sometimes your agent may have mentioned these issues to you as the owner but it becomes more convincing when the public repeats the same observations.

An agent who listens carefully about what you would like in a home and shows you everything in your price range is a good agent – one who stays closely in touch and who is ready to show you homes quickly when you see something that tweaks your interest. And an agent who will show you not only his or her listings but listings from other companies as well is a sign of a good realtor.