Real Estate in Lake ChapalaI was just thinking of my history of house selling, buying, building, renting, being a landlord in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia which would be a book in itself! But someone was just asking me the other day when I began this journey of selling other people’s houses versus buying and selling and renovating my own investments.

Yep! I sold my first house way back in 1980 when interest rates were 18% and I decided to join a real estate company, Pat King Ltd. I was so excited because I sold this house quite soon after I got my license but was really considered an ‘agent in training’. This house was a simple three bedroom one bath house in Lake Echo, Nova Scotia, about 20 minutes outside of Dartmouth where our office was situated. So it was finally time for the closing and I went with my client to the final inspection – just before the closing.

The garage was gone!!! Yep – it was GONE! The new purchaser was insistent that there was a garage when he made the offer and that now it was gone. My worst nightmare – it WAS gone! The seller had decided to move it, thinking we might not notice?!? Can you believe it? Of course he had to return it – asap or we would not close. Needless to say the closing was postponed and my purchaser got his garage back. This was trial by fire. It was uphill from that point on.  Thank Goodness!