Sold - Lake ChapalaOne of the most important things to know about your realtor is that he or she works on a commission basis – no salary. This means that if you are happy with the relationship it is crucial that you work together. This means that if you are looking at houses listed with other agents/realtors that you always call your own to look at the properties you are interested in. It is wise to also let other realtors know that you already are working with an agent  – online inquiries for instance or when you go to open houses where other agents are the hosts.

In some countries buyers sign contracts with agents to ensure that they become their sole and exclusive agent. This ensures that your agent will work their hardest to find you your ideal home. In fact, many online inquiries will direct you back to your own agent. Bouncing around agent to agent usually results in less satisfactory service and can cause undue stress for both the buyer (who didn’t understand how the system works) and for the agents involved who become confused when their client is working with several different agents and agencies. Of course, if you are unhappy with your agent/realtor, it would be prudent to find another one who offers better service more in line with your expectations – by all means.

Open, honest, clear communication with your realtor is vital as is ACTION on his or her part in promoting your property and giving you feedback. Being available to show you homes is of utmost importance because if you are in a hot market you may lose out on the home that may be ideal for you. Stay with the agent who offers this type of service and you will be assured of obtaining your desired results!