Decluttering in Lake ChapalaWhat does it mean to declutter? Does it mean taking all your family photos off the wall and hiding your personal life like some stagers will suggest? In my experience a home should look like a home so some personal items should remain to keep the ‘homey’ feel. However, if there are piles of papers, throws on just about every chair and couch, the bathroom counter is full of toiletries, your closets cannot close since they are bursting at the seams and your living room is crammed with overstuffed items, they ought to be removed and stored until the house sells.

There is a belief that people are able to ‘see through’ the junk and able to visualize how it would look with their own things but to be honest, it is most often not the case. Rarely can people see through clutter. Remember the FIRST IMPRESSION usually makes THE SALE – people buy upon instinct – usually an emotional decision – they either like it or not – simple.

So believe in your trusted real estate agent if they are trying to advise you to declutter. Their intent is not to insult or offend but to help you sell and get the best possible price!