Judit Rajhathy - Cooperating with your realtorIt is essential that if your realtor will be promoting your property and spending advertising fees which can be quite costly that you as the seller make showings as smooth as possible. This would include giving over a key for times when you are not available. It includes giving a phone number and a cell phone number so that you are reachable at all times if you prefer showings by appointment versus key.

It is also very important that the property be kept fairly tidy. It would be a shame to waste a showing during times when closets are bulging and the kitchen sink is piled high with dishes. Some of us can visualize what a place would look like tidy but many others cannot.

Your realtor’s goal is to get the best price for you as quickly as possible. You are both working toward the same end result. If you are not happy with the effort then it is time to change realtors.