ButterfliesThe great thing about having cosmetic procedures done here in Mexico is the PRICE!  And yes, our doctors are ‘real doctors’ contrary to what doctors up north warn us about – my goodness – nothing is further from the truth.  Just ask anyone who has had procedures done here. The work is super and the price is right!

I notice on many online sites that doctors up north divide the face into upper eye, lower eye, neck, lower face, upper face, etc and charge accordingly. The price is just too high when you add up all these parts since they are priced individually.

In Mexico a face lift generally includes the eyes, brows, complete face and neck. One can have a lift for around $6,000 usd. A far cry from $12,000 – $20,000 depending on where you are getting an estimate.  And yes, the work is good. To be honest, a lift is supposed to last around eight years but it really does depend on one’s lifestyle and a respectable surgeon will tell you this. Diet and sun exposure are two important factors to consider – so is gaining and losing weight!  Best to get down to your desired weight before even considering any kind of facial surgery.